Here at Auto Audiophiles Inc. , we install every item we sell. We do not contract out work by a second or third party. Our technicians are not only enthusiastic, but are qualified with over 10 years of experience. Our labor rates are competitively priced. We do believe in 'You Get What You Pay For', yet we understand that can be achieved priced fairly.

Stereo Installation

Today the basic radio installation is anything but basic. Newer cars have electronic integrations, multi-function panels that house the radio and other controls or they just have an odd way of disassembly. With the knowledge of our technicians and the wide array of products at our disposal, we can do the professional job for you with ease.

Crossfire Install Crossfire Install Masaratti Install Masaratti Install

Digital Media Integration

When CD's hit the market they were the next best thing since the portable boom box. And you thought there was nothing better, right? Well step inside, take off that Members Only jacket and feast your ears to this. Digital Media comes in a variety of forms. Plug in your iPod, load up files from the JumpDrive, or do it wirelessly with Bluetooth streaming audio. We can outfit your ride with a new head unit or an integration adapter which will allow you to use your new Digital Media toys while on the road.

Mobile Video Installation

We have the resources and ability to add some mobile video entertainment to your ride. In-Dash DVD touch screens, Overhead flip-down screens, Headrest screens, and more.

Infiniti Install Infiniti Install Mugen Install Mugen Install

Security Installation

Today's car electronics are much more advanced that that of the past. Our technicians have the resources, parts and experience to add some protection to your investment. After all, would you buy a bigscreen tv and leave it on your porch at night? No? Why would you invest hundreds or thousands of your hard earned money on your car system and leave it unprotected every day? Protect what is yours!

OEM Upgrades

Ok, let's be logical. That factory audio system was not engineered by the manufacturer to be anything above sub standard. It was designed to be cheap and quickly produced. And no, your extra cost BOSE or whatever 'upgrade' audio system is not much better. Those are merely higher powered amps and extra speakers throughout the car.

Our products far exceed the OEM in quality. As a bonus, we have products that fit your needs in today's world. Bluetooth technology to stream audio or keep your concentration on the road while making phone calls. Satellite radio to make those long journey's more pleasant with hundred's of music channels to choose from. Or video systems to entertain the crew.

Custom Systems

Lets face it, that stock audio system just is not cutting it. The speaker placement is off, the speaker sizes limit the range of music and you would rather drive with nothing playing at all than to listen to it. Weather you are just looking for a simple budget-friendly upgrade or something all out to compete with, we can help.

We take the time to get an idea of your expectations, we can select from a wide array of products to fit your needs, we can custom fit speakers in non-stock locations, and simply make your next drive pleasant.

Mugen Install Mugen Install Custom Install Custom Install

Custom Enclosures

Auto Audiophiles Inc. houses a full woodshop which allows us to build custom subwoofer enclosures. They can be built to spec for the woofers you are using and can be built to suit for the needs of your vehicle. Our work is competitively priced for any budget. Weather it is a single woofer in a simple sealed enclosure or an elaborate multi-woofer enclosure, you can count on us.

Camaro Install Camaro Install Saleen Install Saleen Install

Lighting Upgrades

We offer lighting upgrades that will help you see better at night or gives your ride some pizzazz. The HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights are a great way to improve your nighttime vision of the road. Our 'plug and play' kits are available for almost any vehicle on the road today and you don't have to change out your stock headlamps. Once you drive with a HID equipped car, you will not want to go back to the old outdated Halogen technology.

Colorado Install Neon Install Pilot Install HID Install

Neon's on cars are a thing of the past! Step into the new millennium with the latest LED Technology underbody kits. LED underbody kits draw far less current, wiring and controllers are more compact, the color change option is something neon's just could not accomplish and they just look pretty dang cool! You can choose from a full underbody kit, flexible wheel well kits, interior floor kits and much more.

Much More

Installation of backup camera systems, backup warning sensors, sound deadening, additional power cells/batteries/stiffening caps, GPS tracking devices, communications and about anything 12volts.

Dynamat Install Cluster Inlay LED Brakelamps

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