Our Work

2006 GMC Yukon

How much bass is enough bass? One might ask. Well, we can’t tell you the answer to that, but listening to the walled off 4th order band-pass box in this Yukon might help to clear up some confusion, frankly it may even clear up your sinuses while you’re at it. The box in this vehicle was built completely from scratch in our shop courtesy of custom enclosure specialist John Dabney. The box was fitted with a removable port and contained 8 SA 12″ Sundown Audio Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofers. The finished box was wrapped in suede to match the interior of the Yukon. The woofers were powered by 2 Skar Audio SK4500 amplifiers. In the doors, we installed two 8″ and two 6.5″ Crescendo Audio PWX loudspeakers, all topped off with 4 Crescendo Audio FT1 tweeters. The mid/high range speakers were powered by two Skar Audio 1300.2 amplifiers. In order to sustain the voltage requirements the system was fitted with two XS Power D3400 batteries. The Yukon also had dual 70 Amp alternators. Once completed, the system was mind-blowing, leaving the vehicle owner rightfully impressed.

2016 Dodge Charger R/T

This classic American muscle car was craving an upgraded sound system, and our team at Auto Audiophiles provided just that. The customer provided sub woofers and amplifiers, but requested a stealth loudspeaker set-up in his doors. In the front doors we installed two Crescendo 6.5″ neodymium loudspeakers, along with two Memphis Audio M-Class tweeters. The entire system sounded incredible, and had a boosted pre-amp signal due to an Audio Control LC7i line-out converter In the insides of the doors the original 6X9″ speaker compartments were modified with custom panels in order to provide a mount for the tweeters. In the trunk of the vehicle and additional battery mount was modified in order to house the aftermarket battery.

2015 Polaris Slingshot

When you’ve got a recreational vehicle this cool, might as well add a mind-blowing audio system to it. This Polaris Slingshot came to the shop with two mounted Rockville audio coaxial speakers, but needed an entire system upgrade. In terms of sub woofers the slingshot got two custom built enclosures behind the seats fitted with Memphis Audio PR sub woofers. The entire system runs off one Memphis Audio Marine 5 channel amplifier (5-channel marine amplifier — 60 watts x 4 at 4 ohms + 300) watts x 1 at 2 ohm. The dash of the vehicle was modified in order to install a pioneer head unit. Four Memphis Audio Marine coaxial speakers were installer in the interior of the slingshot and cover with gunmetal grills. Overall, the system sounded unbelievable and all the different sound frequencies mesh incredibly well together. The factory backup camera was also retained in the head unit.

2018 Ford Mustang GT

Not every car is blessed with built-in navigation, as was the case for this 2018 Mustang coupe. The owner decided to consult our team on the best In-dash options for his vehicle. A couple hours later we had this coupe fitted with a professionally installed head unit. This coupe was fitted with a Metra Turbo-Kit dash kit, which utilizes aftermarket A/C controls. This was necessary when replacing the factory radio in this particular vehicle. A Kenwood DNX5765 touchscreen head unit was installed, which allows for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, as well as built-in standalone navigation. Now the ‘stang is ready to rip.

2018 Polaris Ranger UTV

What fun is it playing in the mud without tunes? This customer came to us wanting to hook up some around the block equipment. Instead, he decided to go big on high end Rockford Fosgate equipment! He ended up giving the green light on the install that utilized the premium Rockford Fosgate Marine series. We built him a remarkably loud and clear system. Utilizing Rockford Fosgate 6.5’’ full range loaded wakeboard tower speakers along with the matching Fosgate Marine 4 channel amp. The amp was bridged to provide 300 watts RMS to EACH pod! Keeping in mind the vehicle sees plenty of mud, all wiring was meticulously loomed and hidden from the elements. A Rockford Fosgate Bluetooth to RCA controller was used as the source or faux head unit to the preference of the customer. Its safe to say this UTVs sound system will be the star of the bogs.

2018 Camaro SS

This Camaro SS was fitted with a complete Sony audio system. Powered by a Sony 4 Channel 300W and a Sony Monoblock 600W amplifier, this system featured Sony GS series component speakers, Sony Honeycomb 10” subwoofers and an LC7i serving as the line-out converter. The customer expressed concern over unwanted road noise, and so we decided to completely Dynamat both doors to minimize any excess noise from the exhaust and the vibrations from the sound system. The subwoofers were fitted in a sealed custom enclosure made to the specification of the Camaro trunk space. Overall, this system came out sounding unbelievable and elevates the entire experience of driving the Camaro.

2014 Harley Davidson Road Glide

This beautiful motorcycle was suited up with a pair of premium 5.25″ Memphis M-Class coaxial speakers. Replacing a factory system on a bike is never a simple task, but our installers at Auto Audiophiles have the experience to bring any bike to new heights. Using a Sony marine head unit as the brain of the system, we strategically placed a Memphis 2.140 marine amplifier in the headlight cavity of the bike hiding any sign of unsightly wires. Overall, the Harley left the bay sounding unbelievable and looking untouched.

Mercedes Benz G63 G-Wagon

An icon in the automotive world, this G-wagon needed some extra bass to elevate the factory sound system. Two 12″ Crescendo Forte sub woofers powered by an Incriminator Audio 2000 watt RMS I15.1 mono block amplifier took this vehicle’s cabin to new heights. The Crescendo subs were fitted into a Rhino-lined Q-Bomb ported box which allowed for the subs to play unbelievably low frequencies. An Audio Control 2-Channel line-out converter was used to tap into the factory signal and convert it in to the pre-amp signal. This job left the factory system untouched allowing all after-market equipment to be easily accessible.